Christmas coming..

..and it's best time to get Santa Illustrations!

How to create Santa Claus illustrations

Christmas cartoons come in handy for Christmas cards, decorations and for fun crafts for children. Drawing Christmas character cartoons is simple enough for kids to learn with little instruction. The basic design of Santa Claus is a series of shapes that blend together.

This cute little guy can is probably the most popular Christmas character and you can see millions of different Santa illustrations everywhere during winter holidays.

The Santa drawing can easily be done by children, so grab one, and do this Santa illustration together! You can use the picture in this blog as a good example for your illustration. Let your imagination run away with you!

Santa Claus can be done with markers or a computer drawing program, but don’t be afraid to try paints, colored pencils, or finger paints.

Here you can get some useful tips for your Santa illustration.

Draw a large circle for the stomach. Make sure that this circle is a little elongated. Remember that this circle should be big enough to represent Santa’s legendary “bowl full of jelly.”

Next step in our Santa Claus Illustration is drawing a smaller circle for the head. Add a smaller circle to the large one you’ve already drawn. Then draw Santa’s beard so that you know there will be enough room for the rest facial features. Begin with the eyes and nose if you will be downplaying the beard. Some Santas also wear glasses, but they are not required. Don’t worry about the ears. Just draw simple loops under the glasses’ earpieces. The mouth is just a simple line which is turned to a smile to make Santa’s face look friendly.

The limbs are next in Santa illustration. The arms and legs can be drawn as simple sausage-like shapes coming out from the body in a star shape. The hands are a little circle with another circle on top for the thumb. These are red to look like gloves, but they can be made in flesh colors to look like bare hands, too.

Now let’s give our Santa some clothes and accessories. Santa wears gloves on his hands and boots on his feet. Boots can be drawn equally to the legs – as sausage-like shapes. Don’t forget to add heels and shiny highlights. You can also add laces, if you want to make Santa Claus illustration more detailed. Add white, puffy ruffles to the wrists and ankles for decoration. Give him a belt by drawing a square in the middle of the body, with two lines coming out from it and curving around the stomach. Give his coat a few round circles for buttons or you may draw a plain front. You may want to give Santa a nice toy bag or reindeer. The hat usually has a puffy ball at the end.

Color in the drawing with red and white for the clothing and black for the boots. You can paint the clothing with blue or green to make Santa illustration exceptionally original.

So you can see that Santa Claus illustration is pretty simple and you can adapt it to your liking. It is a good way to spend nice time with your kids or simply get in sprit when Christmas comes up.